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Industrial monitor
Panel embedded Industrial Monitor
Panel embedded industrial LCD monitor with integrated design of metal or non-metallic shell, and consider the design requirements of protection class, andgenerally meet IP65/NEMA4 or higher standard. The poor to a number of occasions suitable for use in industrial applications. Can be a variety of optionalvideo signal input, the VGA ~ UXGA and S-video input, can be customized CEA /EGA, or BNC input signal, widely used in car, field numerical control equipment, instrumentation, industrial monitoring equipment, DCS operator station, etc. .
Standard unit rack-mounted monitor
Standard cells the Rackmount such monitor in accordance with the standard cell size openings, generally with standard cabinets to match the installation. Input configuration is flexible, solid mechanical structure.
Open Industrial LCD monitors
The12.1" open industrial liquid crystal display frame with no coating made of a metal material, and provides metal / plastic shell, touch screen, digital / analog / video input interface,waterproof / dustproof IP standard, and strengthen the protectionglass.Panel size contains6.4 inches,8.4 inches,10.4 inches,12.1 inches,15 inches,17 inches,19 inches and large size 40 inch. Due tofully consider the interests of users and the open design,especially suitable for a variety of OEM and ODM applications for the POI market and industrial applications market of choice forhigh-efficiency products. Fully demonstrated completely design philosophy for the sake of users."
Frame type industrial LCD monitors
With BNC interface monitor
Wireless receiving monitors
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